Nearby Towns & Villages

Quaint, historic towns and villages surround Sleepy Hollow Lake

There are many places to visit just a short distance from the Sleepy Hollow Lake community. The nearby, riverside towns of Athens, Coxsackie, Catskill, and Hudson, NY all show off a rich, historic past. Period homes, unique storefronts, and buildings date back to the 1700s. Each town and village offers businesses that provide services that make your lake lifetstyle complete.

The villages of Coxsackie and Athens are the twin municipalities that border Sleepy Hollow Lake, and they are two of the last, intact, historic waterfront villages left on the Hudson River.

Image of the town of coxsackie which is a nearby town to sleepy hollow lakeThe Village of Coxsackie was recognized as a Village in 1697, when New York was part of the original 13 colonies and still governed by British Common Law. Its Reed Street Historic District and Riverside Park along the banks of the Hudson River remain intact from bygone days. And in the 1990s, the Riverfront itself was declared a New York State area of scenic significance.

Image of the town of Athens which is a nearby town to sleepy hollow lakeThe Village of Athens sits on the west bank of the Hudson River near the southern tip of Sleepy Hollow Lake. It is a port for the Hudson-Athens Ferry, connecting Athens to Hudson, NY across the Hudson River. With over 300 buildings on the state and national historic registries, Athens has been called a living museum of American architecture. It is an eclectic community of artisans, merchants, working professionals, and families who share a great love for the history of the region and its heritage of village life.

Image of the Main Street of catskill which is a nearby village to sleepy hollow lakeThe Town and Village of Catskill is another delightful entry among the unique, historic communities that dot the countryside surrounding Sleepy Hollow Lake. From its quaint shops and bookstores to its modern big-box retailers, Catskill’s unique mix of historic charm and shopping conveniences make it a one-of-a-kind, must-see, Hudson Valley neighbor.

Image of Warren Street of Hudson which is across the Hudson RiverThe City of Hudson, NY is a short drive across the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and has been referred to in the New York Times travel section as a “destination on the rise.” A vibrant, rising star of a town, Hudson boasts a thriving, small town atmosphere bustling with fine restaurants, boutique shops, quaint diners, antique and art galleries, a stunning new riverfront park, and renovated train station that will deliver you to New York City in two hours. Click to Learn more about Hudson

Image of the golf driving range at sleepy hollow lake
Image of one of the two in-ground swimming pools found at sleepy hollow lake
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Image of a bicycle along the beautiful tree lined shore of sleepy hollow lake