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The Sleepy Hollow Lake (SHL) newsroom is provided to give you more in-depth information about our community, and keep you up to date with the latest news that appears in press releases, and published news stories. Contact us for additional information.

Events at Sleepy Hollow Lake

  • May 18 Greene County YMCA Pickleball Tournament with May 19 Rain Date

  • July 6th Community Summer Celebration and Fireworks at Lodge Grounds

  • September 7th Greene County YMCA Triathlon Beginning at the Lodge Grounds

Sleepy Hollow Lake published news stories

Naturally, we’re honored when any news publication runs a feature story about the goings on at Sleepy Hollow Lake. When such stories appear in the area press, we will update this page with a copy of the story.

Sleepy Hollow Lake media contacts

Kenneth Blass
Blass Marketing
Ph: 518-469-0645

Laurel Wolfe
Association Manager
Sleepy Hollow Lake
Ph: 518-731-6175

Sleepy Hollow Lake file photos

The photos here are provided for use in the development of news or other publication stories concerning Sleepy Hollow Lake.

If the photo you want is not available here, feel free to contact us for information about alternative images.

Sleepy Hollow Lake offers water exercise programs at the inground pool
Playing tennis on the Lighted Tennis Courts at Sleepy Hollow Lake
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