Our pristine 3.9 Billion gallon lake not only provides recreation, but our own private water reservoir

Unlike most other lake communities in the region that require residents to have wells and septic systems, the Sleepy Hollow Lake community maintains its own private water and sewer systems. It’s no different than living in a small town or city with a public utility supplying water and sewer service.

The advantages are many. It’s more convenient, more sanitary, and does not require residents to shoulder the expense of installing, repairing or replacing a well and septic tank. Many lakefront communities have septic systems installed too close to the lake, endangering lake water quality when systems leach into the lake. With our community sewer system, this can never happen at Sleepy Hollow Lake.

Laurel Wolfe talks about the water quality of Sleepy Hollow Lake.

Sleepy Hollow Lake is 2.5 miles long with 17 miles of shoreline