Sleepy Hollow Lake Governance and Staff

The Sleepy Hollow Lake Association of Property Owners (APO)

Incorporated in 1972 under the NYS articles for not-for-profit incorporation, the Association is bound by the incorporated By-Laws and Protective Covenants which help us maintain an appropriate level of aesthetics and consistency in applying community rules and principles of the APO. All prospective property owners are encouraged to read the By-Laws and Protective Covenants.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Representative of five property owners elected by residents to serve a three-year term. The Board appoints committees annually. All Board and Committee positions are voluntary.

The Environmental Control Committee oversees specific building criteria and property improvement standards within the community.

The Lake Management Team serve to protect the ecology and environment of the lake, as well as recommend safety guidelines for boating, water skiing, kayaking, etc.

Association of Property Owners Staff

The Association employs approximately 30 personnel, with summer help adding 6 seasonal employees. The staff includes an Association Manger, Assistant Association Manager, Operations Manager, Superintendent of Community Services, Accounting Manager, Customer Service Representatives, Maintenance Personnel, Public Safety Manager, Public Safety Officers, Dispatchers, and seasonal pool attendants. Sewer and Water Plant operations are outsourced to a third-party contractor.

Sleepy Hollow Lake governance maintains the quality of the lake water
Sleepy Hollow Lake governance sets the docking size and spacing on the lake
Sleepy Hollow Lake governance maintains the quality of the lake and fish environment
Sleepy Hollow Lake governance sets the guidelines for property appearance